Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adidas for Schön! Magazine

Models Mario Loncarski, Malte Paulsen, Roy Pratt, Dudley O’Shaughnessy, Pete Bolton, Tokumbo and Hanna Paat
Magazine: Schön!
Editorial: 7 for Adidas
Photography: Dimitris Theocharis
Styling: Ioannis Dimitrousis; Hair: Richard Scorer; Makeup: Yin Lee & Anastasia Borovik

Compose Yourself: Nicki the Chicken?

Considering the fact that I have a love/HATE relationship with Nicki Minaj, this video makes me giggle a lot. [Craziness]

Freak of Nature: Chris Crocker

Freak of Nature
Chris Crocker

Covers: Maxence Cyrin is Crazy in Love

Maxence Cyrin
Crazy in Love

Pianist Maxence Cyrin took to the piano for this great rendition of the smash hit Crazy in Love by Beyoncé. I love when people blend genres and when pop is fused with the classical realm. Anyway, the visuals make it even more exciting. Check out the part with the cards are being dealt. The music is so fitting.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Formichetti + Mugler

Above is the Mugler by Nicola Formichetti Fall/Winter 11.12 official video. Directed by Mariano Vivanco, the clip features an exclusive new track by Lady Gaga. Gaga remixed her new single Born This Way for the clip which features the tattooed model Rick "Rico" Genest. Awesome images from an awesome group of collaborators.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yonie does Kanye's Devil in a New Dress

Check out this awesome video from director/producer Yonie.
It's an interpretation of Kanye West’s Devil in a New Dress, from his latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, in stores now.

Chris Matthews Destroys Tea Party Nation Founder

The tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona which killed 6 and injured many others brought a spotlight on violence in America. Among those injured was Congress representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz) who now lies in critical condition. The tragedy has sparked a debate about political language that incites violence. Members of the Tea Party and many of right wing groups often defend their second amendment rights to bear arms and use violent language in campaigns. Sarah Palin has since removed language from her sites which spoke about "targeting" opponents.

Chris Matthews interviews Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips

Matthews destroyed him! Phillips had no credible responses, nor could he prove any of his points. I love the facts that Matthews brought up and he exposed the misguided views of the Tea Party's founder.
There are more guns in private homes in America than in any other nation. There have been more attacks on leadership by use of guns in America than any other nation, including third world countries. There needs to be reform. And there needs to be reform now. However, I don't know what would happen if the government tried to take away the guns of rural Americans. Remember what happened when slavery was being eradicated? Rural Americans can and will go to great lengths to protect what they view as a right.

The Birth of a Star: Minaj for V

Nicky Minaj
Magazine: V
Photography: Inez + Vinoodh
The Birth of a Star...

Minaj said “Its safe to say my cover shoot in V Magazine is dedicated to my gays and fashionistas. My most bad ass shoot to date. On stands in 3 days ;)”

Nicki Minaj
Moment 4 Life
Live on Ellen Degeneres Show

This is a big improvement for a live showing by Minaj. But of course, she was mostly rapping. This is what she should stick to.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flick Picks: Portman & Black Swan

I'm usually against hype. For this reason, I was afraid to see Black Swan. The Natalie Portman lead film by Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler; Requiem for a Dream) has received a lot of press and amazing reviews, not to mention a huge campaign via word of mouth. It is nominated for a number of Golden Globes and many predict Oscar gold for Portman.
I won't offer a lengthy review of the film but I will suggest it. It really speaks to the struggle in us all. The battle being striving to be perfect and trying to live a free life. Letting go of one's self often finds one treading dangerously close to losing one's self.
The films dance sequences are gorgeous and riveting while the thematic material is something that speaks to its viewers.
Is perfection worth it? Or does the key to perfection actually lie in tapping into something far more imperfect?
Don't miss this one!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Angels With Dirty Faces

Models Tyler Riggs, Silviu Tolu, Lyle Lodwick, Shaun Haugh and Salieu Jalloh
Magazine: Fiasco
Editorial: Angels With Dirty Faces
Photography: Jason Mickle
Styling: Martin Waitt
Makeup: Lauren Whitworth & Hair: Eric Williams