Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rihanna for American Vogue

Singer Rihanna
Magazine: VOGUE
Photography: Annie Liebovitz

This cover is stunning! Give me Jessica Rabbit, Miss Fenty. The photos leaked a while ago but I wanted to wait until high quality images surfaced. you go. I think Liebovitz knocked it out of the park with this shoot. However, I must wonder why the girls of cover get put on the shape issue. I may be overthinking it, but it's as if they have to justify putting a woman with curves on the cover. Beyoncé's Vogue cover was for the same issue. And what's funny is the fact that in real life, Beyoncé and Rihanna aren't exactly considered thick girls in the black community. But fashion is art, not real life. Rihanna looks soft and ethereal. This shoot is a stark contrast to the Vogue Italia shoot that was far more edgy.

Behind the Scenes:

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WEEEERRRRQQQQ!!!!! That behind the scenes video was 'All iNeed to get By.' *faints*