Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kelly Rowland Commands GMTV

Kelly Rowland
Live on UK's GMTV

Chris Brown: Redemption or Contrived PR Stunt?

Chris Brown

Michael Jackson Tribute
Live at BET Awards

We all saw Chris Brown's phenomenal tribute to Michael Jackson on Sunday's BET Awards telecast. After being shut out of last year's wack tribute due to Rihanna-gate, the Jackson family hand picked Brown to perform a tribute this year. Everyone is discussing the tears at the end and whether or not they were sincere. I think that they were. That's all I will say about that. I almost hate that he cried though. It deflects attention from the fact that he is a stunning performer. NO ONE can move like MJ like him. Whether it was a career changer or not, he killed that performance.

Here are some of his peers in the industry and what they had to say about his performance and the moment in general:

Also, here is a great piece about Chris Brown and the general hypocrisy in the industry. Written by blogger Nsenga Burton for The Root, it touches on the fact that everyone gives T.I., Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, etc. free passes when it comes to their criminal and violent behavior, while Chris Brown gets crucified. The same girls downing Chris are still stepping in the name of love with R. Kelly. Chris beat a pop princess. I'm not taking away from that. He was certainly wrong. But R. Kelly urinated on a teenage girl and filmed it. Why he is not in jail is beyond me... Anyway, I like that fact that the piece does not really justify Chris Brown's behavior. It instead calls us to focus on his performing and stop dwelling on one mistake of a child.

[Read the Nsenga Burton piece HERE]

Technicolor Dream Punk: Conner S. by Brett Bailey

Model Connor S
for The Ones 2 Watch
Editorial: Technicolor Dream Punk
Styling: Brett Bailey
Hair: Josh Sajtar
Makeup: Maria Nguyen
Photography: Michael Flores


New Video: Benny Benassi's "Spaceship"

Benny Benassi
Spaceship (Feat. Kelis, Apl.de.ap & Jean-Baptiste) [Video Premiere]

Dope!! This song will definitely be one of my summer jams. Let the windows down and have a party in the car...and try not to wreck. haha

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Covers: Kris and Joelle tackle the hits

I ran across these singers on youtube and I was impressed. You know I love covers. Each of these covers brought something new to the songs. Why can't I hear these voices on the radio? We all know that it's about a hot image, a great team, and great timing...not always great talent. Anyway, they really nailed these songs.

(Usher)/Rude Boy (Rihanna)

Lift Me Up (Christina Aguilera)

Unthinkable (I'm Ready)
(Alicia Keys)

Check out their Youtube Channels by clicking below:

[Channel for Joelle James]

[Channel for Kris Collins]

Back to Basics: Nate Gill for L'Optimum

Model Nate Gill
L'Optimum Magazine
Editorial: Back To Basics
Photographer: Milan Vukmirovic

Lady Gaga Performs New Song

Lady Gaga
You and I
Live at Elton John’s 12th annual White Tie & Tiara Ball

The queen of strange Lady Gaga premiered the new song at John's ball and I can definitely hear his influence in the track. According to her, the song isn't set to have treatment as a single. I actually prefer this type of piano bar Gaga rock music.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Video: Fantasia "Bittersweet"

Bittersweet [Video Premiere]
Director: Lenny Bass

This song. The lyrics. Sigh...
[I know one thing though. I'm tired of seeing Nuvo in videos!! Don't artists drink anything else?? I guess they are cutting checks]

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heatwave: Mehcad Brooks for GQ

Actor Mehcad Brooks
for GQ Magazine July 2010
Photography: Carter Smith

The True Blood actor sizzles in a shoot by Carter Smith. Outfitted in trunks from everyone from Calvin Klein to Dolce&Gabbana, the intent was to show the emerging trend of swim trunks getting shorter and remind us that stylish men know that the fabric of swim shorts need not droop below the knee. Short shorts in general are a trending item in men's fashion lately.

Oh My Darling: Noemie for Elle

Model Noemie Lenoir
for Elle Magazine July 2010
Editorial: Oh My Darling
Photographer: Dusan Reljin
Stylist: Christopher Niquet
Hair: Kevin Ryan
Makeup: Hilde Pettersen
Manicure: Deana Blackwell

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She's So Monae: Janelle for InStyle

Singer Janelle Monae
for InStyle Magazine
Editorial: She's So Monae
Photography: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

Bookshelf: E. Lynn and Terry Return

Two giants in contemporary Black American literature have new releases. Famed author E. Lynn Harris has a new book in stores now. The late author-laureate of the black gay experience is back with the second novel of his to be published posthumously. In My Father's House tells the story of bisexual owner of a Miami modeling agency, Bentley L. Dean III, who struggles with a strained relationship with his homophobic father and the events that erupt after his business takes a hit during the recession. This story of second chances is sub-titled The Chronicles of Bentley L. Dean, implying that Harris intended to have it function as an installment in a series. Honestly, I love that the work of Harris is still being released but I was not thoroughly pleased with Basketball Jones. I didn't even finish Mama Dearest. Has Harris captured the magic of Invisible Life? We will see. Either way, I'm buying.

In My Father's House hit the shelves on June 22, 2010.

The best-selling author of How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Disappearing Acts is back with her newest effort, a sequel to her most famous novel to date, Waiting to Exhale. Terry McMillan's Getting to Happy returns us to the lives of Bernadine, Gloria, Robin, and Savannah fifteen years later. Each of the beloved heroines are now struggling with mid-life woes. Finding the women now roughly in their fifties, can McMillan's character's maintain the sass and sparkle that captivated readers and carried a blockbuster film? Waiting to Exhale is a staple in Black contemporary literature and film. Can the sequel live up to its predecessor's monster success? Or will it leave the readers wishing we had left the gals back in time? Either way, the women are sure to take us on a wild ride. As a reviewer put it, "They've exhaled: now they are learning to breathe."

Getting to Happy is slated to be on the shelves on September 7, 2010.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Sliimy - The Story" by Franck Glenisson

Starring: Sliimy
Director: Franck Glenisson

Make-up : Marielle Loubet
Fashion Styling : Stéphanie Vaillant

I posted a piece about singer Sliimy a while back which you can see here.
Above is the Franck Glenisson video starring the French singer. It's a story about a child who built his rainbow to fight darkness and intolerance. Sliimy, an openly gay entertainer, said the following:
"I learned to know myself and to be myself,no matter how people look at me.
I will never be completely in peace with myself but i left behind many old Demons..."

I love that guy.

Superman: Chad White for Dorian

Model Chad White
for Dorian Magazine The Summer Issue
Editorial: Superman
Photography: Joseph Sinclair
Styling: Graham Cruz
Grooming: Lauren Bake

Monday, June 21, 2010

M.I.A. for Dazed & Confused/Spread ArtCulture

Rapper M.I.A.
for Dazed & Confused July 2010
Photography: Rankin

for SPREAD|Artculture
Photography: Ruud Baan
Hair & Makeup Stylist: Benn Jae for Kiehls |Opusbeauty|
Wardrobe Stylist: Djuna Bel
Producer: LAH Produces
Photo Assistant: Mounir, James Acomb