Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Daily Tea: Don't Look at the Wall

There is this guy on TV and he is on death row. They asked him if he is afraid of dying and he told a story about how they train race care drivers not to look at the wall. They can look at the track, other cars, and inside their own car. But they should never look at the wall, or else they will plow into it.
I thought that was a nice way of looking at things. This year has been so tumultuous for me and I was searching for answers by reading everything I could. I can remember passages in The Secret when they talk about the law of attraction and how we often draw bad things to us by being worrisome. Sometimes, the best way to live life is to stop focusing on what you are afraid of.
Don't look at the wall. Life will throw you curved and turns. Just drive.

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