Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check it Out: Nicki Minaj Behind the Scenes

Nicki Minaj feat Will.i.am
Check it Out
[Behind the Scenes with MTV]

As much as I applaud her for gaining such mainstream acclaim rather quickly, I must say that I am tired of these sing-song pop singles. If Nicki is to be billed as a rapper, I want her to rap. I love Your Love and hate Check it Out. It feels like both of them could be a single for a singer with Nicki as the featured rapper. Check it Out could have been just as effective as a Fergie song. It probably would have been better. Nicki has really shined as a feature artist. She has been on a track with everyone. Is that what she is limited to? Can she sustain a rap record alone?
We will see.
Her album Pink Friday drops November 23.

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TWIN! said...

Twin, I respectfully disagree with you on this one. hahahaha!!! You know I slick Stan for Nicki. "N#!%a got the peephole to my soul." Come on, somebody!! lol! She said herself she recorded the singing parts as references for R&B and pop singers (set to be featured artists) but realized those parts were just as much her as the verses. She's clearly not JUST a rapper. She's CRAZY! Stan moment over. hehe....