Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Covers: 3nity Does N'Sync

I was feeling nostalgic so I was browsing youtube for N'Sync videos. I ran across this group of singers and I knew I had to post them.

Triplets Vincent, Romain, and Sylvain are half French/half Balinese (Indonesia). Together they form the band 3nity Brothers. In these videos, they are joined by Rody Mendez. They were born in Paris and are currently based there.

I Thought She Knew
(N'Sync Cover)

If you bought the album No Strings Attached, you were blown away by I Thought She Knew. I remember loving the sound that N'Sync created on the song, heavily influenced by groups like Boyz II Men, Shai, and Take 6. Anyway, 3nity kills this track. The guys work best as a group rather than soloists, but their harmonies are great. Everything locks into place. [If you listen to the out of tune harmonies of many groups from the 90s, even the most notable ones, you would know why I am happy about that] The chords on the word "flame" are perfect and the faux key change at 2:19-2:22 is just as great as N'Sync's.

The guys of 3nity are currently working on an international album. Good look.

Check out their pages below.

[Official YOUTUBE Page]

[Official MYSPACE Page]

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