Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Black Widow: Beyoncé for Deréon Fall 2010

for Deréon Fall Campaign

Now that more pics from Beyoncé's newest Deréon campaign have surfaced, all I can say is damn. On hiatus from recording, this chick is still sizzling. Ignoring the fact that no one looks good in Deréon besides her, the ads are smoking. I honestly think that these campaigns are nothing but an excuse for her to play with different looks and personalities. I really dig the platinum blond on her for some reason. Perhaps, that Etta James flair really gives it to me. Can't knock the hustle.
[Sidenote: That first pic should have been the Sasha Fierce album cover]

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Anonymous said...

if she were a fem queen, the pics would be OVAH....as a REAL woman, the clothes and styling are a FAIL. oh, and the platinum blonde? wow, what a stretch - WORK you creative bytch!!