Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Video: Nicki Minaj "Your Love"

Nicki Minaj
Your Love [Video Premiere]

I don't love Nicki. I don't hate Nicki. I am utterly confused by Nicki. However, she has been ubiquitous, appearing on countless tracks with other artists.

The video above is for her single Your Love from her upcoming yet to be titled debut album due in stores November 23rd. The song samples the Annie Lennox hit No More "I Love You's". Actor/Martial Artist Michael Jai White makes a cameo in the martial arts inspired clip. The colors and style is reminiscent of martial arts flicks like Hero and House of Flying Daggers. I like the use of the fabric to show certain element of the scene. During the fighting scene, the green represents the bamboo forests and the blue fabric shows flowing water. The end of the video shows the red fabric as the blood of the wounded Minaj. Overall, I like the video. For the first time, it seems like this is Minaj as a focused artist rather than an erratic imitator. Though the song isn't groundbreaking, it's perfect for the summer.

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