Friday, July 9, 2010

My Icons: The Titan

Icon: Celine Dion, Singer

"There's been nothing but discipline, discipline, discipline all my life."
“It's the moment you think you can't that you realize you can.”
-Celine Dion

The 90s power ballad is personified by the voice of Celine Dion. While many point to Mariah and Whitney, Dion's voice truly carried the genre. Building a meticulously planned career from humble beginnings in Canada, her songs Power of Love, Titanic's My Heart Will Go On, and Because You Loved Me catapulted her into the stratosphere of pop divas. Dion has lived a life void of tabloid fodder and meltdowns. Coupled with her incredibly polished vocal technique, it's easy to bill her as a bore. However, the Grammy and Academy Award winning star will go down in history as orchestrating one of the most preserved and consistent careers in the business. Only recently taking breaks to focus on family, she still commands a huge concert following years after her peak.

Because You Loved Me

River Deep Mountain High
Live in Vegas

Interesting to note, in the style of many classic stars such as Sinatra and Streisand, Dion's career was built on covers. Most of her chart topping hits were previously recorded by another singer.
Spawning contemporaries such as Christina Aguilera and Leona Lewis, she set the bar for girls with pipes. Collaborating in the past with everyone from Luciano Pavarotti to Destiny's Child, Dion is a versatile talent, a consummate professional, and a legend.

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