Friday, June 18, 2010

Hard for the Money: Kelly Rowland Single Artwork


Check out the single art for Kelly Rowland's two US singles from her upcoming self-title album. The Stargate produced Grown Woman will be serviced to urban radio, while the Dr. Luke produced Rose Colored Glasses will be for the pop audiences. Both are good songs but Rose Colored Glasses drives me wild. Hopefully, it will be a hit. As of right now, Commander is online being billed as an international single which sucks. They don't have confidence in the American market to accept it. I can't really blame them for that.
The artwork for this new project has really impressed me. She is really going for a Diana Ross/Donna Summer look which fits the dance queen image she has been thrust into. The images aren't urban nor are they edgy fashion. They are just simple and glamorous, taking us back to late disco/early 80s glam.
Team Kelly!

[although the first pic looks a little tranny fierce to]

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