Sunday, June 20, 2010

Covers: Legaci Looks to Break Out

When was the last time that you heard an Asian-American act on the radio? Can't remember? That's because it's a rarity in the States. Music is very black and white with a few Latin music acts intermingled. It's not that Asian singers lack talent. Record companies simply just don't know how to promote them. That goes for any entertainment medium. How many Asian fashion models do we see? How many Asian movie stars do we see that are not associated with martial arts or period pieces?
Acts like Legaci (pictured above) are looking to change that. I saw them featured in a New York Times article so I sought them out. I was pleased when I watched their videos. They are really talented individuals. They are now employed as Justin Bieber's backup singers (a shame because he possesses only a morsel of the talent that they do). The North California based quartet of Filipino-Americans were discovered on youtube, a medium that many Asian singers benefit from. Anyway, check them out.

Top 40 Medley
[Down by JaySean, My Love by Justin Timberlake, Real Love by Mary J. Blige]

Whatcha Say
[Jason Derulo cover]

I hate the Imogen Heap sampled Jason Derulo song but the Legaci cover really takes the song to a better place.

[Check out Legaci's Youtube Channel HERE]

[Read the New York Times Article HERE]

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