Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Compose Yourself: Khia's Foolery on ABC News

Rapper Khia

The first few seconds of this video are hilarious with the reporter's pronunciation of My Neck, My Back. Also, she complimented Khia's outrageous sunglasses which are not hot. She knew it too. The interview as a whole was so fake. It is common knowledge that Khia threw a ton of shade at Janet Jackson after their So Excited collaboration, citing lack of promotion for her. Who does she think she is? She is a no name rapper who was collaborating with a legend. She should have been thankful for the opportunity. Anyway, Khia says to check her website for tour dates which don't exist after a friend and I did a little research. However, she is available for booking. So, if you know anyone having a Bar Mitzvah...there you go. Khia needs to compose herself.

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Anonymous said...

dont act like my neck my back wasnt yo song way back when ..