Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chris Brown: Redemption or Contrived PR Stunt?

Chris Brown

Michael Jackson Tribute
Live at BET Awards

We all saw Chris Brown's phenomenal tribute to Michael Jackson on Sunday's BET Awards telecast. After being shut out of last year's wack tribute due to Rihanna-gate, the Jackson family hand picked Brown to perform a tribute this year. Everyone is discussing the tears at the end and whether or not they were sincere. I think that they were. That's all I will say about that. I almost hate that he cried though. It deflects attention from the fact that he is a stunning performer. NO ONE can move like MJ like him. Whether it was a career changer or not, he killed that performance.

Here are some of his peers in the industry and what they had to say about his performance and the moment in general:

Also, here is a great piece about Chris Brown and the general hypocrisy in the industry. Written by blogger Nsenga Burton for The Root, it touches on the fact that everyone gives T.I., Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, etc. free passes when it comes to their criminal and violent behavior, while Chris Brown gets crucified. The same girls downing Chris are still stepping in the name of love with R. Kelly. Chris beat a pop princess. I'm not taking away from that. He was certainly wrong. But R. Kelly urinated on a teenage girl and filmed it. Why he is not in jail is beyond me... Anyway, I like that fact that the piece does not really justify Chris Brown's behavior. It instead calls us to focus on his performing and stop dwelling on one mistake of a child.

[Read the Nsenga Burton piece HERE]

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Anonymous said...

I think Chris's entire staged "moment" shows the hypocristy and power of the industry. He danced beautifully - eerily similar to the King - kudos! But, the King was more than JUST dancing. Where was the singing?! He didn't cry when he beat Rihanna...lol...so why the tears now? He's a professional - he should have been able to sing the song. I didn't believe him at all. Plus how shameful of BET to exploit this moment for ratings and attention. They snubbed Chris a year ago and now they're his biggest cheerleaders again? Boo! Plus, with all the double standarsd in the industry why waste time debating whether or not Chris was treated fairly because no one stopped supporting T.I. when he did whatever he did. Folks kill me with this "woe is chris" mess - dude put out 1 album, with medicorce singles and it didnt do well. So, what? His PR team underestimated the impact that beating on a female publuic figure would have on his career. He and his team made mistakes handling his new project. This is why his success has stalled, not because he lost 4 fans. Most importantly, his moment on BET was suppose to be a tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson - a chance for us to remember his greatness, his legacy and see how his spirit and brilliance lives on through the countless artsits he's inspired - NOT Chris' moment to get some sympathy. Shameful! lol