Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kelly Behind the Scenes + No Bey Beef

Look at Miss Kelly channeling some serious Donna Summer and Diana Ross in a promo pic for her new single Commander. I guess there's no sense in going half way.
Check out a behind the scenes clip below for her upcoming video for the song.

Kelly Rowland
Commander [Behind the Scenes]

Also, Kelly addressed rumors that she is upset with Beyoncé for releasing Why Don't You Love Me video so soon before Commander is set to debut. She squashed any talk of beef between them and insists that the two are still friends.

From experience, even without the pressures of being under media scrutiny, I know that friendships change. Even if they aren't as close, couldn't that be a result of different paths rather than hate? And Kelly made a good point in saying that everyone and their mama is releasing material now so why do we single out Beyoncé? Even if she is just keeping up appearances for PR purposes, it's good to see her not feeding into the media and the tendency for everyone to pit young female stars against each other. Besides, isn't it clear by now that she is sick of talking about Beyoncé?

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Anonymous said...

i don't buy Kelly - there was NOTHING else she could say about Beyonce - she knows that even hinting at something negative could end what little career she has.