Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Daily Tea: Are You Shining?

"Sometimes a star never sees its own reflection because the planets are too small to reflect its light..."
-Terrence Howard, American actor

Are you living up to what is planned for you? Are you shining? Sometimes, we have no clue of our own potential or the great things in store for us. Surround yourself with people that will "reflect" your light. Everyone needs a support system. Realize that you are the great human being that you were created to be and deal only with others who recognize that.

[Thank to my buddy KKW for the quote]

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blasianFMA said...

I agree with this (I had just typed "I disagree with this completely" but then thought about it.).

We ARE meant to be around people who understand our greatness. Unfortunately, for some of us, we are thrust into situations which cause us to be amongst people who mistake greatness for something else altogether.

People say that you're supposed to adapt to your environment, but I disagree with that wholeheartedly.