Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Video Premiere: Melanie Fiona's "Ay Yo"

Melanie Fiona
Ay Yo [Video Premiere]

Dope Song. Love her.
I hate that her lead single It Kills Me totally misrepresents the sound of the rest of her album.


Nia B said...

I have her album, and I love every song. Thanks for posting the video.

Tc, Nia B
Dubai's It Girl

Anonymous said...

was 'it kills me' her lead song? i thought it was 'give it to me right' - which was even more misleading.

george.arnett said...

well, both initially prevented me from buying the album. haha. now that i haven't bought it, i love all of the other tracks.

Anonymous said...

'it kills me' is a great song. the vid is one of the best r&b vids this year.