Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kelly in Command

Kelly Rowland
Live at Supafest extravaganza in Adelaide

Fresh off the heels of her Grammy award winning song When Love Takes Over with David Guetta, Kelly Rowland is ready to release her next studio album. After not fairing so well with Ms. Kelly, I think that she has found her niche. The new European dance sound may not go over well with her urban fans but the international market is loving it. It is certainly more convincing than her singing Ghetto with Snoop Dogg. I can't wait for Commander to officially drop because from the sound of it, the track is going to be hot.

Also, here is an interview with Kelly on Australia's Morning Show. She discussed her solo work, her involvement with charity, and how David Guetta changed her career. Once I got past her opening shade expressions, it was a cool interview. I must have played the beginning back about fifty times. haha. Who pissed off Ms. Kelly?
[You also have to endure poor audio which causes everyone to seem to have a speech impediment]

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