Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spotlight: Zeric of Model City

If you have been able to catch Model City, Centric's show that features the rising stars of Red Model Management, you have realized that men can be just as catty and competitive as women in the modeling world. The guys really are good at what they do though. One model in particular sticks out to me as a diamond in the rough.
Of course, many are fixated on Wendell but I have paid attention to Zeric Seymor-Armenteros.
With one of the most edgy looks in the cast, Zeric also boasts another unique quality- he's openly gay.
I always find it refreshing when a noticeably masculine man is out and proud about his sexuality in the public eye. In the media, we are often fed novelty gay acts who are the bubbly sexless feminine man. Zeric is anything but any of those things. Carrying himself in the same way of any of the other models, he blends in. Not because of a 'straight' act but because he is just being himself. On a network viewed primarily by people of color, it's nice to see a guy removing the stigma from the gay black man. He's confident and unapologetic. Besides, he's pretty damn good at his job as well.

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Dubai's it girl said...

Those guys are so hot, but your right...they do at like a bunch of girls. lol We just started watching the show in Dubai. It is very entertaining!

Tc, Nia B
"Dubai's It Girl"