Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Video: Usher's "Little Freak"

featuring Nicki Minaj
Little Freak [Music Video Premiere]
Director: TAJ

I don't know what it is but I love this song. I am not a fan of Nicki but she is hot as a feature. She is the collabo queen lately. Anyway, hopefully Usher is getting his mojo back since his album is about to drop. This is on heavy rotation on my playlist and is one of my official hot weather songs.
[Can you spot Ciara in the clip?]


Cord said...

Leave Nicki alone!! She hasn't done anything to you! lol!!!! This is one of very few places where our roads diverge, Twin. I LOVE HER CRAZY ASS!! hehehe... I love you more though :-)

Dubai's it girl said...

The beat is tight, but the lyrics are typical of Usher. Your right...Nicki is in everything lately, but at least there is a lady rapper out there these days!

Tc, Nia B
"Dubai's It Girl"

singer/songwriter/fly-guy said...

I absolutely love nicki... she's corky, fun, a breath of fresh air... and she can rap... i'm sure as soon as she duets with GaGa, you'll be on the bandwagon... Remember how long it took me to get into Lady G. [Not you, Lady Gaga]. ;-) Miss you.

george.arnett said...

hahaha wow the nicki fans are out. i think that she is cute but she is pretty overrated. i can listen to her but i can't take her seriously. of course, i'm not sure she is meant to be taken seriously in the first place. can't knock her hustle though. she is EVERYWHERE.