Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Video: Lady Gaga & Beyoncé "Telephone"

Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé
Telephone [Video Premiere]
Director: Jonas Åkerlund

As promised, Gaga and Beyoncé delivered an epic nine minute clip for the tune Telephone. The fashion was bonkers and the choreography was fun and erratic. I loved the Kill Bill type of cinematography. As always the case with Gaga, the video had a glossy cinematic feel. The dialogue was comedic but a bit awkward in places. As were the undertones of lesbianism. However, the video is another slice of pop perfection served up by Gaga. Did it make me forget Bad Romance? Of course not. But it was definitely memorable. Those lingerie clad prison dance scenes were wonderful. And I see Beyoncé wanted to hang on to the Bettie Page wig from the Video Phone clip.


Dubai's it girl said...

I just posted something about this video on my blog! I really like your take on it. It's a bit raunchy for me at first, but after a bit, I really began to get into the song.

I love the way you write.

Tc, Nia B
"Dubai's It Girl"

george.arnett said...

It is QUITE raunchy to say the least. Thanks for the compliment and I LOVE your blog as well. And you really are quite beautiful. :)