Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Video: Janelle Monae "Tight Rope"

Janelle Monae featuring Big Boi
Tight Rope [Video Premiere]
Director: Wendy Morgan

Channeling her inner James Brown and Jackie Wilson, Janelle Monae stars in a quirky clip to accompany her first single from her upcoming album The ArchAndroid. Her EP Metropolis: The Chase Suite told the story of an android which fell in love with a human. The attraction was prohibited so she was pursued by the authorities. Judging by her full length album's title, she is keeping up with that storyline. Anyway, Monae has a refreshing image. She is androgynous while still maintaining every once of femininity. I guess beauty can't be hidden by tuxes. Be sure to check out her album when it hits stores May 18th

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Hard to Find Flavors said...

Love This!!! I was trying to figure out how to follow your blog... but you don't have a link!