Monday, February 22, 2010

Model City channels Rat Pack

Models Nelson Nieves, Ibrahim Baaith, Wendell Lissimore, Shawn Sutton, & Salieu Jalloh
Cast of Centric's Model City
for UPTOWN Magazine
Photography: Sumner Dilworth
Styling: Memsor Kamarake


Anonymous said...

If only...

I wish these clothes were available at mainstream retail stores. I'm tired of dropping at least $100 per dress. Hell, I wish I could wear my "Joan Holloway" dresses everyday without looking like an overdressed weirdo.

lacey said...

wendell dosent even have to move and he looks better than anyone around him(look at the pool shot) lol no wonder ibrahim dosent like him wendell and zeric my 2 favs on the show!

Mannoir said...

I totally agree. I've followed him online for a few years and was very happy to see him live and in living color. Wendell is awesome and Zeric; he get some. LMAO