Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen Commits Suicide

[Alexander McQueen, photographed by Martin Godwin]

According to newly published reports, famed British fashion designer Alexander McQueen has been found dead in his home, the victim of an apparent suicide. The 40 year old designer had recently lost his mother. Those around McQueen noticed a grim change in him surrounding his mother's death and he was quoted as saying:
"From heaven to hell and back again, life is a funny thing. beauty can come from the most strangest of places even the most disgusting places."

McQueen also lost his dear friend Isabella Blow in 2007. She committed suicide as well after several attempts. Blow, a fashion power player herself, discovered McQueen and supported his early efforts.

Alexandra Shulman, editor of VOGUE, said:
"He was the most brilliant designer of his generation and his influence can be seen in the way that women dressed over the last 15 years. It is an incredible loss not only for British fashion but for fashion the world over."

McQueen became known early on for his rebelliously avant garde designs. He also, described himself as the "pink sheep" of his family being openly gay and having recently wed his longtime partner.

It's a sad, sad scene as his death comes just days before the start of London Fashion Week and weeks before he was due to unveil his new collection at Paris Fashion Week on March 9.
He had recently become good friends with Lady Gaga and styled her on many occasions.
People are leaving here like crazy. Cherish life while you can. Rest in peace Mr. McQueen.


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Anonymous said...

everybody is dying whyyyyy
not alexander mcqueen is a genius, he cant be replaced; Michael Jackson,Bernie Mac,DJ AM, Brittany Murphy . . . the world is coming to an end