Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cast of Model City for Honey Magazine

Models Henry Watkins, Ibrahim Baaith, Wendell Lissimore, Nelson Nieves, Salieu Jalloh
Cast of Model City
for HONEY Magazine

Honey Magazine gives us a closer look at the cast of the hotly anticipated television series Model City which chronicles the ups and downs of male modeling. The show which will air on BET's new network CENTRIC boasts a cast of all male models of color and the issues surrounding barriers in the industry. Tyra Banks once made expressed that she had toyed with the idea of an America's Next Top Male Model but she didn't feel that there was an audience for it. Who does she think watches ANTM? Generally, women and gay men. Anyway, it will be interesting to see the way the cast of Model City interacts. We aren't terribly accustomed to see the competitive side of male modeling and the egos that come with. Of course, it's not exactly a competition and the cast is primarily managed by the same agency. The show premieres on February 18th.

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