Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miss Virginia takes the Miss America Crown

The 2010 Miss America Pageant aired last night, Saturday January 30, and Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron walked away with the title. Cameron, a 22-year-old from Fredericksburg, Va., won a $50,000 scholarship along with the crown. A broadcast journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University, she wants to become an anchor.

I'm not sure how many girls want to grow up to be Miss America these days but the pageant seems to be going strong. I happened to run across the broadcast of this year's pageant and caught the talent portions. While there was a ballerina and of course a couple stabs at operatic arias, winner Caressa Cameron sang Beyoncé's Listen from Dreamgirls. It was an interesting performance. Catch it in the video below.
[The video is a bit out of sync and cuts off early but you will get the overall effect]

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blasianFMA said...

The video is a "bit" out of sync indeed. I saw my twitter folk talking about this last night, but missed it myself. I thought these things were on the networks.... Guess that's the Miss Universe.