Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blue State Now Seeing Red

How did Brown take Massachusetts?
The state has been blue through and through for some time now. President Obama won in every one of the state's counties in the presidential election.
It's not a first. History shows that the party of the sitting president often loses midterm elections. Ted Kennedy's vacant senate seat has been occupied by a conservative Republican candidate. Scott Brown defeated democrat Martha Coakley to win a seat that has belonged to a democrat for nearly fifty years.
Many political pundits see this as a referendum and backlash against the Obama administration. The White House shoots down that notion but it is clear that voters did speak loudly and clearly. Are comfortable democratic voters to blame? Did Coakley run a campaign that was sub par as many democrats are implying?
Whether or not those things hold to be true, democrats need to get it together. One thing I can say about the Bush administration is that they had guts and zeal. Even if the ideals were misguided, they took action. Obama is practical. We understand that. However, a pragmatic approach is causing his party to be in ruins. Democrats are known for being painfully tentative while republicans tend to be impulsive and bullying.
The blame doesn't rest only with him but the people wanted change. Change is not going to happen overnight but what can we really claim to have changed in the last year.
Wall Street got bailouts, insurance companies and health care reform opponents have gutted the bill, and bankers got bonuses.
The Massachusetts voters that elected Brown were angry. The same sentiments won Obama the election after Bush backlash grew to be too large for republicans to overtake.
Is it over for the Democratic party? No. But there is an uphill battle ahead. The party needs to really dig in and stick to their guns. Second guessing and bipartisanship isn't going to help real change come along. Brown's win isn't the end of progress nor should it serve as a weapon to impede it. Brown's win should be the catalyst for progress. Hopefully, the Obama administration's eyes are wide open now.

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