Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Sliimy

I first discovered Sliimy while reading a feature OUT Magazine. The piece about the French artist peaked my interest so I decided to look him up. Upon downloading (legally) his U.S. debut Paint Your Face, I was pleasantly surprised. You all know that I like a male artist who is a little offbeat. I'm a huge Mika fan and I love Sam Sparro, Mr. Hudson, and Frankmusik.

Born Yanis Sahraoui, the openly gay artist now known as Sliimy released his debut under Perezcious Music/Warner Bros Records, in association with Perez Hilton. The album peaked at number two on the French charts. He chose the name Sliimy as a play on the word slim due to his small frame. The alternate spelling was chosen because he felt that the new word looked like a smiley face.

Because of his hair and colorful style, Sliimy is often compared to British Pop sensation Mika. When asked how he feels about it, he replied:
"People need references, but we are different. You can't summarize an artist by his haircut so I don't mind."

They do have certain similarities. Sliimy uses happy melodies with cynical lyrics as to not seem so dramatic when singing about serious material. He express affection for the English language and culture and chooses to record in English. He remarked that English is "ideal for pop music".

Wake Up
[Video for 1st American Single]

Interview with GLBT site YAGG

When asked about coming out, Sliimy replied:
"Someone asked me and I answered. To me there is nothing wrong with it. People talk about it like it's a strange thing which shows there's still a lot of work to do."

Check him out. I really dig his music, personality, and style.

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