Sunday, May 31, 2009

Compose Yourself: Ready to Rumble

on David Letterman (1994)

David and Miss Madge go toe-to-toe in this delicious cat fight.
They both push and push to make each other very uncomfortable.
I love it.

"Don't make me act a fool, Dave."

My Icons: Amazing Grace

Icon: Grace Jones

"If you're out there you're vulnerable. People prefer to disappear in life, to repress their personality. That's not living. It's dying. I see them all over the place, the walking dead."

- Grace Jones

On David Letterman in 1986:

That is one outrageous woman.

La Mode Noire

Model Georgie Baddiel
Arise Magazine Issue #3

I stumbled across this Nigerian-based fashion/lifestyle magazine today while perusing the magazines. I love fashion magazines with a twist. I don't care much for Vogue. I find it a bit boring but I love the flair of magazines like V. Anyway, I was excited to see a magazine with brown faces throughout. Arise Magazine gave four African designers the spotlight during fashion week and gives a voice to people who are often neglected in the fashion industry. It's quite astounding to see how few of the 100 (50 men/50 women) most highly ranked models are people of color. More importantly, there was a lack of black male representation.
I love the way Arise spotlights African issues in terms of fashion design, politics, and culture. I would love to get my hands on each issue. However, the one on our newstands in printed in the UK and costs a pretty penny. I had to get my hands on it though. It seems interesting from cover to cover.

Here are the first two covers below:
You know I'm loving the cover with Naomi, Alek, and Liya.

Dirty Sanchez

NFL Quarterback
Mark Sanchez

with model Hilary Rhoda
GQ Magazine: JuneIssue

"This summer, it’s all about the ‘70s short cut swim trunks, So-Cal style tank tops, and zip-front windbreakers."

Behind Bars

Wentworth Miller
GQ Style Italy
Spring Summer 2009
Photos: Matthias Vriens McGrath

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Compose Yourself: He Look-a Like a Bottom

Spectacular from Pretty Ricky
Tipsy [Grinding for Promo]

Ok, this has become somewhat of a viral video and a hot topic on youtube. The member of Pretty Ricky known as Spectacular decided to issue a challenge to other r&b male singers for the best grinding. I guess this is to get some attention for their upcoming release, with Tipsy as the lead single.
They have always been a guilty pleasure for me. He is ghetto as hell but there is something about the way he moves....sigh...LOL
Balancing between hot and hot mess.
This video is quite...queer.

Apparently, this is common...
These boys need a life. And some d---. hahaha

Friday, May 29, 2009

New Direction

Kelly Rowland with David Guetta
When Love Takes Over
[Behind the Scenes]

I ain't mad at ya. Pop music across the pond.
Whatever gets you that paper.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Compose Yourself: Tender Lovin'

Mr. Spriggs BarBQ
[thanks Cord]

I don't see nothing wrong with a lil bump and pork rinds.

Ego Inflation

Since I talk about being a gent or a lady, allow me to step on the soap box:

"Friends, Romans, countrymen! Lend me your ears!"

pretentious [pri-ten-shuhs] - adjective
characterized by assumption of dignity or importance; making an exaggerated outward show; ostentatious

grandiose [gran-dee-ohs] - adjective
more complicated or elaborate than necessary; overblown: a grandiose scheme; grand in an imposing or impressive way.

We all know that chick. She comes in and swings her hair (which may or not be hers) and rolls her eyes at the other girls. She wears pumps to work out. She will take your man and then dump him. She carries the biggest bag you've ever seen and refuses to open doors.
We know that guy. He rarely smiles. He drives a nice car and is known for a great wardrobe
. He gets a haircut eight times a week and probably checks his profile in the mirror while having sex.
What's the issue? They both have a combined net worth of $800.

You know me. I see nothing wrong with a little swagger. I require it. I love to dress well and I love people who enjoy some of the finer things in life. However, I come from humble beginnings. And live a humble reality. I'm not Kanye, Beyoncé, Vicky Beckham, or Diddy.
I have a blog, I have too many facebook friends, but that hardly makes me a celebrity.

"I've never liked the word celebrity. I like to photograph people who are good at what they do. I think the real problem today is, the Internet has created the demand for so much more information that we need to almost drum up more celebrities. We've run out, and now what we're doing is, we're making them up."
-Annie Liebovitz for TIME Magazine

What has caused this wave? This movement to want to be a celebrity? We all take facebook pics to display. With youtube, one can become an instant celebrity. Narcissism now symbolizes American culture. It can be fun. I love to see a group of ordinary people look extraordinary.

The problem lies with how you treat people. Regina George syndrome can be prevented with three easy steps:

1. Check your account balance online
2. Pull out a picture of Oprah, Donald Trump, or Martha Stewart and realize you aren't a mogul yet.
3. Go tell your mama what you said to that girl on campus and how you threw her shade. Wait for your mother to slap you.

Now, I know that I have to check myself. I love the way I look (89.3% of the time) and I allow myself to go camera crazy. But I will NEVER intentionally make someone feel small or act like I'm more important than I am. Even billionaires have flaws, so don't cut your eyes at the pauper on the street. That could be you one day.

I'm working to not let the peacock overpower the eagle in me. Even if I seem a bit shady at times, it's because I'm being shy and I afraid of someone judging me. Not because I feel like anyone's beneath me. I may try to look polished but I'm no Andre Benjamin. I work at Kinko's. LOL I can be grand at times but my mama and daddy have brought me back to reality really quickly. I like to look nice and live a cultured life. If I'm sitting with my legs and arms crossed, I'm not stuck up. It's a defense mechanism. Come and say hi to me. If I don't speak back, slap the shit out of me. I give you permission.

So...what's the moral of the story?
Smile. Be sweet. Kindness goes a long way because those looks will fade and those shoes will be outdated by the next season. Faking it til you make it is one thing but are you one of those who will be faking it forever?
I won't say no names...

I'll Follow You Until You Love Me

Lady Gaga
Rolling Stone Magazine
Photo: David La Chappelle

Video Behind the Scenes

Paparazzi [Video]
Director: Jonas Akerland

I love this video. This chick's imagination is crazy. Even at a lengthy 8 min, it kept my attention. That's taking it back to Michael Jackson feature length videos.
The song actually starts at about 2:57 if you have a short attention span.
Check out the Thierry Mugler ensembles. They look a lot more natural on Gaga than Beyoncé.
The scene with the crutches at 3:49...I die for that Mugler getup.

Cherry, cherry. Boom, boom!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Am Legend

Kanye West
[Co-starring Rihanna...Go 'head RiRi]

I bet you think this song is about you.
If this ain't 80s throwback, I don't know what is.

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's So Bazaar

Chanel Iman
Harper’s Bazaar Dubai

And I love Her...

Bad, Bad Yellow Bone

Model Nate Gill
GQ Magazine

Photos: Paola Kudacki

Sunday, May 24, 2009

M.I.A. talks Politics

Bill Maher Interviews
Rap sensation M.I.A.

The Oscar and Grammy award nominated artist discusses the conflict in her home country Sri Lanka and pushes for more American awareness. M.I.A.'s music is laced with political commentary and her ties to radical groups have cause quite a stir. She was previously denied a Visa to work/record in the United States due to her father's allleged ties to a terror sect. I love that she is so conscious.

She That is Ferocious

Sasha Fierce
I Am...Tour Souvenir Booklet
[scans courtesy of]

I will be purchasing mine, as is tradition. I'm sure they will be 80,000 pesos though. haha

Saturday, May 23, 2009


What's wrong with these photos taken from two different proms?
The problem lies in the fact that the proms are for the same school.
NY Times reports that this Montgomery County school in Georgia has held segregated proms almost every year even since the school was integrated in 1971.
The proms are not school funded and each are privatized, mostly paid for by the parents.
Many of the students are pushing for a mixed prom but most parents oppose it.

When the actor Morgan Freeman offered to pay for last year’s first-of-its-kind integrated prom at Charleston High School in Mississippi, his home state, the idea was quickly embraced by students — and rejected by a group of white parents, who held a competing “private” prom. (The effort is the subject of a documentary, “Prom Night in Mississippi,” which will be shown on HBO in July.) The senior proms held by Montgomery County High School students — referred to by many students as “the black-folks prom” and “the white-folks prom” — are organized outside school through student committees with the help of parents. All students are welcome at the black prom, though generally few if any white students show up. The white prom, students say, remains governed by a largely unspoken set of rules about who may come. Black members of the student council say they have asked school administrators about holding a single school-sponsored prom, but that, along with efforts to collaborate with white prom planners, has failed.

If this ain't some tom-f**kin foolery, I don't know what is.

The effort is the subject of a documentary, "Prom Night in Mississippi," which will be shown on HBO in July.

Godiva Special Dark

Henry Watkins
Red Model Management
Photos: Pieter Henket


Friday, May 22, 2009

Not Your Daddy's Shakespeare

Sean O'Pry
BON Magazine

Editorial: Othello
Styling: Tom Van Dorpe
Photography: Minoru Kaburagi

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Usually I'm Humble...

Right now I don't choose...
Ego [Video Premiere]

I think she looks amazing in this video. The hair is hot and her body is beautiful. You know I like girls with some jiggle.

With that being said, I think she could have ventured from the Sasha theme a bit more. Her with two dancers can get a bit boring when the choreography isn't as magnificent as that of Single Ladies. A few scene changes would be nice, but I will still watch it 980,645.3 times.

Barack & Blame

Michelle's part goes the hardest. And I could see the real Michelle groovin' to this.

Compose Yourself: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
in Prayer Language


Across the Pond

[LIve Album]


01. Glass Of Water
02. 42
03. Clocks
04. Strawberry Swing
05. The Hardest Part — Postcards From
06. Viva La Vida
07. Death Will Never Conquer
08. Fix You
09. Death And All His Friends

[via kanye's blog]

Beam Me Up

Star Trek's Chris Pine
GQ Magazine
Summer Suits Spread

I love the slim cuts. I want them all. You won't see me lookin' like any damn Steve Harvey.