Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top Ten Music Videos of 2009

The closing year of the decade brought us some amazing video images and some of the most sensually suggestive tracks in recent memory. Gaga took us on a wild ride, Ciara worked, hip hop was brought back to its roots, and there was plenty of sex. Pop received a revitalization. It's no surprise that during the year of the death of Michael Jackson, the greatest music video artist ever, these artists stepped their game up. Also, it's safe to say that Anthony Mandler was the music video director of the year.

Lady Gaga

Bad Romance
Director: Francis Lawrence

The undisputed queen of pop for 2009 served up the hottest video of the year, topping even her best that could have easily filled this year. Coming in at number one Lady Gaga's Bad Romance drew references from Russian sex trafficking and delivered the strongest music video imagery in years. Bear skin rug coats, fiery bras, and monster claws may make you think she's out of this world. However, that's the intention. The world has entered into a whirlwind romance with this New York native.

Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake

Love, Sex, and Magic
Director: Diane Martel

Licking, groping, skimpy outfits, and tantalizing choreography...
Between Justin and Ciara, I'm not sure if there was any love but there was plenty of simulated sex resulting in one of the most magical videos of the year. Though bordering along the lines of misogyny, the duo grabbed our attention and created a hit in the process.

Trey Songz

I Invented Sex
Director: Yolande Geralds

Once your video gets flagged on youtube for being too much for those under 18, you know that you've created something racy. The song's title lends itself to a typical run of the mill love video but Trey Songz took it to the next level with a little ice, very little clothing, and not much left to the imagination.


Russian Roulette
Director: Anthony Mandler

Dark? You bet it is. Underwater gunshots and toying with the idea of suicide, Rihanna's controversial video is a sure sign that she's no longer Little Miss Sunshine. With a video full of drama and void of choreography, she captured the tone of the song and looked stunning.

Chris Brown feat. Swizz Beatz & Lil Wayne

I Can Transform Ya
Director: Joseph Kahn

Chris Brown's Swizz Beatz and Wayne assisted leading track from his new album was accompanied by an exhilarating special effects heavy video. Open shirts, leather, martial arts, and shape shifting shows Chris transform into an artist far from the giddy feelings of Forever.

Jay-Z feat. Kanye West & Rihanna

Run This Town
Director: Anthony Mandler

Some say that Jay-Z dabbles with the occult. Deals with dark forces could offer an explanation for his record shattering chart topping albums. This dark clip evokes memories of Tupac's California Love and it's gritty images show that the self proclaimed god of rap indeed runs this town.

Kid Cudi featuring MGMT & Ratatat

Pursuit of Happiness
Director: Brody Baker

Along with Drake and Wale, Kid Cudi is breathing life into hip hop and returning to the roots of the genre. With less talk of firearms, Kid Cudi helps to bring a fresh take to rap. The video shows Kid Cudi moving in real time while the rest moves in slow motion. A former sales associate for BAPE clothing, this kid from Cleveland is an emerging star in rap.


Blame it on the Girls
Director: Nez Khammal

UK's most colorful boy toy, Mika brings a vibrant energy with his music. Not conforming to the constraints of many male artists, he has a creative flair that stands out among the others. This clip for Blame it on the Girls is quirky, fun, and imaginative. It represents everything which is the core of this brilliant artist.

Shakira feat. Lil Wayne

Give it Up to Me
Director: Sophie Muller

Ok, we know that her hips don't lie. Apparently, neither does the rest of her pelvis. The way she thrusts in her choreography keeps your eyes on her nether regions. This she wolf enlists the help of Lil Wayne for this strangely sexy clip.


Bad Habits
Director: Anthony Mandler

After a long hiatus, Maxwell returned to show us why we loved him in the first place. This track is frank and honest while still managing to be smooth and alluring. The 2009 secret lovers song gives us enough reasoning to resist breaking the habit of keeping Maxwell's albums in heavy rotation.


singer/songwriter/fly-guy said...

i'm actually surprised you had no beyonce on this list. lol.. well, no i'm not.

george.arnett said...

lol phone? sweet dreams?...nope. haha
after Single Ladies, things went downhill for Sasha's videos.