Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Solid Gold: Grammy Nominations

The Nominations for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards were just announced. Beyoncé topped the nominations with 10, Taylor Swift took in 8, and the Black Eyed Peas, Maxwell, and Kanye West each earned 6 nods. French DJ David Guetta, rapper Jay-Z and pop starlet Lady GaGa received five each.

This is set to be another Beyoncé, Gaga, and Taylor Swift show like every other awards show recently. However, Gaga was shut out of the Best New Artist category due to a technicality with the Grammy rules. She wasn't eligible because she had been previously nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording with her number one hit Just Dance. Jennifer Hudson suffered the same fate after she was nominated for Dreamgirls material thus deprived for a shot at Best New Artist.

This marks the first time that Beyoncé has been nominated for the biggies in one year. She received Album of the Year nomination for I Am...Sasha Fierce, Song of the Year for Single Ladies, and Record of the year for Halo. Of course Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga both are her competition in all three of those categories. When she swept the Grammy awards years ago with a record tying five wins, she did not win any of the big awards, though she was nominated for Record of the year for her hit song Crazy in Love. Beyoncé is also nominated twice for music from Cadillac Records for the Etta James classic At Last and Once in a Lifetime. The latter was co-written by Knowles and previously earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

It has been a wild year for Taylor Swift. Kanye's outburst may have actually boosted her popularity. After becoming Country Music Awards Entertainer of the Year and upsetting both Gaga and Beyoncé in categories at previous shows, she may be a force to be reckoned with at this ceremony.

I'm happy that Maxwell is getting big Grammy attention with six nods. Also, Kelly Rowland garnered two nominations for her number one worldwide smash When Love Takes Over with David Guetta. This marks her first nominations received without any association with the Knowles clan since her Grammy wins with her collaboration with Nelly on Dilemma.

As for the Best New Artist category, there is no shoe in. There aren't any huge frontrunners in the hat. Keri Hilson is nominated but hopefully the award will go to a more deserving act like MGMT and The Ting Tings. Real hip-hop dominated the Best Rap Solo category with nominations for Drake, Jay-Z, Mos Def, and Kid Cudi.

I am biased about Beyoncé, I will admit. However, this shows that she has staying power and real shot at iconic status. If you think about other artists that had the magic Grammy five wins in one night (Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, & Lauryn Hill), Alicia and Beyoncé are the only ones who have consistently grabbed big number nominations year after year. Jones lost steam after she chose to go back indie and Winehouse & Hill dropped off. Also, not since the greats such as MJ and Whitney has an artist transcended genres like Beyoncé does. She's not your R&B girl, nor is she truly your pop girl. I'm ready for January 31st. Are you?

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