Monday, December 14, 2009

Nostalgia: N'Sync Covers Janet

That’s The Way Love Goes
(MTV ICON) (2001)

I loved this rendition of the Janet classic by the pop supergroup N'Sync.
In other Justin and Janet news, Justin recently stated in an interview that one of his biggest regrets of the decade was not supporting Janet more after the Superbowl Nipplegate incident. Janet's career really took a hit after that while Justin's career skyrocketed. Major networks boycotted her while he came out unscathed. Many say that he intentionally threw her under the bus and that he should have stood up for her. Whatever the case, it is interesting to hear this apology coming now. Janet doesn't mention the incident and he has no reason to bring it up now. Maybe it has nothing to do with his career and he really wants to apologize to her. It's really too late to rehash that issue.

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