Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Know Your Status

Today, December 1st is
World AIDS Day.
Since its arrival on the scene more than 25 years ago, the AIDS virus has ravaged and wrecked lives around the world. Over 25 million lives have been claimed by the disease and the disease now affects people of color at alarming rates. Black youth with AIDS account for more than half of the cases and total more than any other ethnic group combined. Black women suffer from HIV transmission at a disturbing rate.
Women, ask the right questions and be responsible. Men, be yourself, know yourself, protect yourself. Stop the cycle. Remove the stigmas. KNOW your status. Get tested.
As someone who personally knows people affected and/or infected by HIV, the virus which leads to AIDS, it's especially important to me to encourage people to be educated and take life into our own hands.

[Find a TESTING SITE Here]

[Visit the World AIDS Day website HERE]

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