Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good For You, Tiger

I'm soooo happy that Tiger is being so tight-lipped.
Let's recap. He had a car accident after losing control, hitting a fire hydrant and a tree, and was rendered unconscious. He had facial lacerations that were later thought to be cause by not the crash, but his wife. Some reports said that his wife suspected him of cheating and scratched his face up. When he retreated and got into his car, she allegedly followed him wielding a golf club, bashed the car and caused him to lose control of his vehicle. It was earlier reported that she used the golf club to free him from the vehicle.

Here's the kicker.
NO ONE knows what happened except for Tiger Woods and his wife. He isn't talking to the police. Florida apparently has a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence so maybe he is protecting her from jail time. Who knows...
I'm just happy that he is living his life and shutting people out. He is a golfer. He is famous for playing a sport, not for being a reality TV star. His business is no business of ours. People have been talking about his sponsors getting antsy because of this "scandal". The fact of the matter is that there is no scandal. He is keeping quiet and he wants it all to blow over. No wrongdoing has been proven. For all we know, he just had an accident.
I have read comments on websites and blogs about him and some people have applauded his wife for ringing the alarm. Aren't these the same people that raised their voices in support of Rihanna? While her beating was far more severe, domestic violence is not ok whether a man or woman is doing the hitting.
Some people also say that he deserves it for "messing with those white girls". What? Have we forgotten that he is multi-racial?
Anyway, I'm glad that he is keeping the focus on his game and his integrity and not feeding into what could have been a media frenzy.
Round of applause for Eldrick "Tiger" Woods


Anonymous said...

tiger woods is NOT just a golfer as you claim. he is a multi-million dollar brand. he receives millions from corporations for his mere association with products and projects....not merely because he has a major swing, but also due to his brand and the impecable image he has crafted. i personally believe transparacney and accountability are small sacrifices. no applause.....or sympathy from me.

george.arnett said...

Sure, he is a brand. I know that. However, there is no proof that he has done anything wrong in this case. He has not committed a crime if he did cheat. His brand has not been affected and his sponsors are standing by him. Therefore, we should all stick out of it. His game is what got him those endorsements, not his marriage. Before now, he seemed like a man of integrity and he still does. I don't offer sympathy for his home situation but I do feel like he is doing the right thing. Should he talk to police? Maybe. Should he talk to us? NO! He is not an elected politician. He owes us no explanation.

singer/songwriter/fly-guy said...

hmph. you may take your reading glasses off, now.

Anonymous said...

If being a celebrity didnt imply a certain level or transparency and accesibility to the public then we wouldnt even be having THIS discussion on THIS type of forum....so i don't feel the need to school you on how your desire for complete privacy is more achievable and realistic than Barack Obama's or Beyonce's. You're right, there is no proof of crime or wrong-doing. But where their is smoke....well, you know the rest. Folks are interested and curious....that's natural and understandable....as a blogger, you should get that. Someone of Tiger's stature, visibility and popularity is going to generate massive public interest when allegations of adultery and domestic violence are brewing. With now 3 chicks and counting being linked to Tiger's married dingaling......i think his brand will take a hit....just my hunch. I agree, we should stay out of it. His marriage did not get him endorsements, correct, but it was also not his game solely that secured those millions. He breathed a life and energy into the sport and has inspired brown, black and off-white kids around the world. He's a role model and an icon, an amazing athelete and a seemingly great human being. With no change in his game, do you really think his endorsements would look the same if he behaved like Dennis Rodman or Deek Jeter or A Rod or Allen Iverson off the course?! To whom much is given....well, you know the rest. And, while he owes me no explanation he may be having a few more discussions than he wanted to with his sponsors if folks start being less than enthralled with the Tiger BRAND.....Americans can be pretty turned off by adulterers.

george.arnett said...

I do agree that celebrities make a sacrifice and are required to endure a certain amount of scrutiny. I also know that as a civilian I have much more privacy than a celebrity. In this social networking generation, even an everyday guy like myself could garner attention and privacy invasion through twitter, facebook, and other outlets. So, I do understand a celebrity's amplified privacy issues. I do believe wholeheartedly that celebrity's should be able to hold on to any shred of privacy they have left so that they won't become Britney/Lauryn/Whitney/Amy. Beyoncé tries not to talk about things. Therefore rumors swirl but are never addressed. Tiger Woods has never been the type to profit from his personal life in a reality TV fashion. I could see someone ragging on Kim K. or Paris for asking for privacy. They invite us into their personal lives. Tiger invites us into his professional life. I see your point about those athletes. The issue is that Tiger has not behaved like Iverson, Rodman, Artest, or Vick. He committed a private transgression and was trying to resolve it privately. He didn't report the issue to not only protect his brand but to protect his wife. He made a statement saying that he let his family down. No one else should be let down. If my nephew wanted to play golf, he still can dream about doing great things. It my nephew's upbringing that should determine his personal choices, not a celebrity. With fame comes responsibility but stars are human. We need to stop looking to people who do a job to be the sole role models for our children. Do American's frown on adultery? Of course. However, I am a firm believer that it's not the act but your reaction that counts. Serena Williams is a prime example. Her outbursts were on the court and directly affected her job and her brand. She committed "tennis crimes". Tiger made mistakes. He has not been smug and unapologetic. He seems to be working to fix it. I say we let him.

george.arnett said...

This is not a Kobe Bryant situation. There was no crime committed. It was consensual, albeit extramarital sex. I think his brand can survive. I don't think it would have suffered at all if scandal hungry people would have left it alone. I can separate the art from the artist.

Anonymous said...

U miss the point. I don't think the general public is looking for Tiger to fail. I simply disagree with your notion that our curiousity and intrigue about his extramaritial affairs and domestic abuse is out of step with the norm. Tiger's brand will be damaged after this scandal truly unfolds. To what degree, is the question. I wholeheartedly beleive he will be able to come out of this on top (see the Kobe Bryant story). You may want to think of Tiger as a professional athelete and no more but the reality is that he is a celebrity and with that comes the very good and the very bad. No different from any other sacrifice many people make everyday for their professional and social choices. I'm not requesting that he be stoned to death for cheating on his wife with a sleazy reality show chick while his wife was weeks from deleivering his child....lol....but it's NOT private that he gets many mnay millions for just adding his name to a product, so why should this be private?! And let's keep it 100%.....Tiger loses his playa card. He shoulda kept this ish under wraps and private....no one went digging for this story....running outside barefoot, hitting fire hydrants, making up stories about golf club rescues, carrying on relationhsips with grimy chicks who would sell his vmails and texts for 3 minutes of fame?!?!? Are you serious. He deserves no accolades or applause for "not speaking" to the press. What the hell is he going to say anyway?!?! And although I agree with you that Athletes should NOT be role models, the sad reality is that they are. And Tiger got paid royally to be one.

Remember this? I'm not judging Tiger, so let's be clear on that. I can barely keep the closet door closed which guards my many skeletons...lol.....but I also don't have commericals like this.