Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Covers: Adam Joseph's "Finally"

Finally: Ode to Marriage Equality
Adam Joseph
Music Video Directed by Adam Joseph and Josh Kesner
Filmed and Edited by Josh Kesner
Starring Lars Stephan, Stuart Perkins and Erickatoure Aviance

This song by gay indie singer Adam Joseph is a cover of CeCe Peniston's 90s hit Finally has been set to the instrumental of the Leona Lewis hit Bleeding Love. A mashup of two of the gayest songs ever, it serves as an ode to gay marriage. I think it's interesting that an interracial couple was used in the video. This is a nice cover and it totally changes the feeling of the song, which I feel like a cover should do.

[Visit Adam Joseph's website HERE]

For nostalgia's sake, here's the original version.

CeCe Peniston
Finally (1991)

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