Friday, December 18, 2009

Compose Yourself: Kid Cudi's Disorderly Conduct

It isn't news that Kid Cudi punched a fan in Vancouver while playing his set which opened for Lady Gaga on her Monster Ball tour. The incident stemmed from a fan throwing a wallet on stage. The rising rap star thought that it was being thrown at him and eventually went into the crowd to punch the assailant. It has also been reported that the wrong fan was punched.

Kid Cudi has now been relieved of duty on Gaga's tour and will not be appearing on any further dates. – Kid Cudi — the guy who sings that “Day ‘N Nite” song — has been officially dropped from the Lady Gaga tour in the wake of a brutal fan-punching incident.

Sources at Interscope Records confirm the rapper is “no longer” with the tour — but wouldn’t say if the decision had anything to do with YouTube footage showing Cudi punching fans in the front row of a concert in Vancouver this past weekend.

We’re told Jason Derulo — the guy who sings “Whatcha Say” — will move up from his spot as Gaga’s opening act to fill Cudi’s spot … no word on who will fill-in Derulo’s.

This pisses me off. Why can't these cats behave? First Kanye ruined the first prospective tour with his Taylor Swift outburst. Now Kid Cudi, his protegé, has been removed from this tour. When will rappers learn to chill out? Even if the guy was wrong for throwing something on stage, why couldn't bodyguards or security handle it? Was it necessary for Kid Cudi to interrupt his set to handle it and basically put his own career in jeopardy? I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the Kanye tree. Kid Cudi, step back and compose yourself.

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