Friday, December 18, 2009

Basic Training

Hard featuring Young Jeezy [Video Premiere]
Director: Melina Matsoukas
You know I'm hard on Rihanna but this is a spectacular clip to accompany the swagger heavy track. The styling is on point and her body is sick. I like the concept of the video. Upon reading the comments under this video posted on other blogs I was left wondering the same thing as when I read album reviews of Rihanna and Chris Brown. Is anyone paying attention to their music rather than their situation? A common theme in the comments was "if she were so hard, she could have stood up to Chris". That is way out of line. I guess I'm happy that Rihanna has stuck to her guns [no pun intended] when promoting this new material and image. She has consistently delivered when branding the new Rihanna. Similar to Madonna style reinvention, she has chosen a theme to go with and committed to it. She's a brown girl who has done r&b but she is not afraid to do different things that may alienate some people. For that alone, I respect her.
This video goes hard.

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i see you aiming at my is FIYAH!