Monday, November 16, 2009

Video Phone Premiere

featuring Lady Gaga
Video Phone [Extended Remix Video Premiere]

They gave me life.
They gave me death.
Then they resurrected me.
The beat goes on...
The video was very Beyoncé. Nothing taken to the next level, but hot nevertheless.
My only gripe is that Beyoncé doesn't seem to be growing creatively. The video's look was very Check On It-like. It was better than most female artists, but she is one of the greatest performers alive. There really seems to be a lack of creativity among artists these days, even the ones set to become icons. Lady Gaga is the only artist bringing us performance art in videos that rivals those like Michael, Janet, & Madonna. If we could find a performer with Gaga's creativity, Rihanna's fashion sense, and Beyoncé's stage performances we would have the prototype. Michael, Madonna, Prince, and Janet had all of those things.
I'm wondering why Gaga's videos look so expensive and cinematic compared to Beyoncé's. Surely Beyoncé has a bigger budget.
It all comes down to good taste and ingenuity. Miss Knowles performs on stage better than anyone, even some of the greats. However, when it comes to concepts and video's she should broaden her spectrum. I like that she still gives us some hood flavor but why not merge that with something spectacular?
Overall, this video was a good video. But up against Bad Romance, it looks elementary. That's a problem coming from the woman that is repeatedly named the world's greatest female entertainer.


blasianFMA said...

Amen, George. You said it best.

J.Swag said...

u took the words right outta my mouf, I actually thought the video was a let down. I'm disappointed. Like you said, it was too much Beyonce, if this vid had been produced by Gaga's peps,u kno, it would have been so much better. I guess we'll just have to wait for "Telephone".