Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rihanna: The Wait is Ova

Rihanna is among the women of the year chosen by Glamour magazine. Michelle Obama also covers the magazine, as I posted earlier.
The pop star opened up about her incident with Chris Brown and her humiliation about that infamous pic leaking.

She also spoke about being a voice for domestic violence:

Glamour: If you could offer a message to the millions of young women who look up to you, what would you tell someone who found herself in a similar situation?
Rihanna: Domestic violence is a big secret. No kid goes around and lets people know their parents fight. Teenage girls can't tell their parents that their boyfriend beat them up. You don't dare let your neighbor know that you fight. It's one of the things we [women] will hide, because it's embarrassing. My story was broadcast all over the world for people to see, and they have followed every step of my recovery. The positive thing that has come out of my situation is that people can learn from that. I want to give as much insight as I can to young women, because I feel like I represent a voice that really isn't heard. Now I can help speak for those women.

Rihanna also debuted her video for Wait Your Turn (The Wait is Ova) from her upcoming album Rated R.

My thoughts...
Let me preface this by saying that I like Rihanna. She is one of the most stylish girls out there. She is consistently fierce and pulled together. I loved Good Girl Gone Bad and felt like that was a turning point for her. Gone was the Beyoncé look-a-like. However, I must admit that I liked that album for all the wrong reasons. I liked it because she went pop. I liked it because I thought to myself "I could hear Britney singing half of these songs". With that being said, any girl could have sung those songs and I would have liked them. What Rihanna does possess is a presence. No girl can command attention off the stage like her right now. She doesn't command attention on the stage to me though. The much anticipated clip for this song left me cold. The images that Anthony Mandler served up as director were great. She looked awesome. But she never does anything but walk and look pretty. Other pop stars don't have the greatest pipes but Britney, Janet, Madonna, and even Ciara have the performance skills to make you forget any vocal missteps. I dubbed Rihanna an icon in the making not because of her music but because of her image and her knack for getting people to talk. But she is supposed to be a singer right?
I also applauded her for not throwing Chris Brown under the bus. She didn't exploit the incident. However, some are now suspicious of her sudden need to speak out given her new album release. I wont speak on that.
I still dig her. I would just rather look at her than listen. haha


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Anonymous said...

i like the song. her vocals are solid. she does not have the performance abilities of janet, beyonce or ciara. but neither do several other chicks who have made indelible marks on the industry. she is carving out her own lane. i think it's refreshing to see a chick NOT in a leotard switching her hips and poppin her cooch. is that the only way to get a "WORK GIRL" from the kids today? hmmm.... why does she have this burden to perform like [insert whomever]?