Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rihanna Goes Hard

Rihanna's promo for this album is getting more and more provocative. Each photo seems to have fewer articles of clothing than the previous one. Maybe she is baring all both emotionally and physically this time around. The pictures border along the lines of lewd but her image lately has been about being in your face. I can't knock the hustle. She has a smokin' hot body so I guess she deserves to flaunt it.

Here is the tracklisting for her album Rated R as well as a preview below. It contains snippets from each song. Enjoy it while you can. You know how youtube yanks things away quickly.

1. Mad House
2. Wait Your Turn
3. Hard featuring Jeezy
4. Stupid In Love
5. ROCKSTAR 101 featuring Slash
6. Russian Roulette
7. Fire Bomb
8. Rude Boy
9. Photographs featuring
10. G4L
11. Te Amo
12. Cold Case Love
13. The Last Song

[By the way, the song Hard is hot to me. I haven't enjoyed the other music from her lately but I have had that song on repeat. Despite the annoying intro]

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