Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oprah's Fans Mourn the "Loss"

In the words of Miranda Priestley, "Did she die or something?"

I didn't post anything when Oprah's announcement came that she will end her popular talk show in 2011. After all, she has made that announcement before. She will be around. She has a magazine, many other ventures, and she is developing a network. She will be more than visible, TV show or not.

I just thought the way this particular story about her set departure was worded was funny. In the entire piece they made it seem as if she was dead.
Taken from fans tweets on Twitter:
"Soooo sad, eternal depression begins now and will worsen on Sept 9, 2011,"...
"I really don't know what I'm going to do at 4 o'clock everyday now,"...
Winfrey's friend Gayle King, who is also the editor-at-large for Winfrey's magazine, devoted her entire Sirius satellite radio show on Friday to fielding phone calls from devastated Winfrey fans.

"I am wearing black today -- I am going to have a brief period of bereavement because I still can't even believe the news myself. And I've known that this was coming, but even after you hear it it's still hard to believe," King said.

A bit melodramatic, don't you think?
But I guess how can one not be melodramatic with Oprah...

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