Saturday, November 21, 2009

Janet Makes You Groove

Janet Jackson
Make Me [Video Premiere]

Janet is back on the scene fresh off of a break up and the death of her brother. After little success with her last album (which was actually a wonderful album in my opinion) she is back to work with a new project. I love this song. I'm not sure how radio will react to it because it sounds like old Janet but I love it.
She looks really happy despite recent events. She looks beautiful. Does she ever age?
I love that she has a little weight on her. She looks like early Janet and it's a really soft and refreshing look.
Anyway, I'm interested in seeing what she has in store.
We'll see at the American Music Awards!
[The girl can still move! Wow]


Anonymous said...

Discipline was soo slept on :[
Rollercoaster, Luv, the little recordings in between. . .yea, it was good

singer/songwriter/fly-guy said...

i like it!!