Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Glambert Seals it With a Kiss

It's no secret that Adam Lambert is gay. Very gay. The American Idol runner up was never shy about his sexual content and has come out publicly since the show's finale. Unlike stars like Clay Aiken and NSync's Lance Bass, Lambert has grabbed the gay bull by the horns and decided to make it work for him.
Of course, he can hardly hide it anyway. His love for nail polish, eyeliner, and glam looks make it quite obvious that he is not like other boys.
I didn't see any episodes from last season's Idol but I was drawn to Lambert for his shock value. With the passing of Michael Jackson, it became painfully obvious that we had no more androgynous male stars.
Gone are the days of Boy George, David Bowie, KISS, Prince, and Sylvester. Every male star today seems to be a hip hop version of Michael Jackson or an All-American cookie cutter heartthrob. Lambert is definitely something different.

As you all know by now, Lambert gave a sexually charged performance of his single For Your Entertainment in which he simulated oral sex, grabbed his crotch, and kissed a male band member. ABC has since received over 1500 complaints about the show and has canceled Lambert's upcoming concert on Good Morning America.

"They're outraged," said Timothy Winters, president of the Parents Television Council. "They just can't believe the nature of the content, the explicit nature, and how much graphic content there was."

Even before controversy broke out, Lambert expressed that the kiss was not planned and was a spontaneous act. The kiss was "in the moment" according to him.
He added "As an afterthought, I do feel like there is a double standard in the entertainment community, on television, on radio. I feel like women performers have been pushing the envelope sexually for the past 20 years and all of a sudden a male does it and everybody goes 'oh we can't show that on TV' and to me that is a form of discrimination. And it's a double standard, and that's too bad."

He's right. Britney and Madonna infamously kissed on the VMAs years ago, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie lip-locked on stage, Adrien Brody tackled Halle Berry at the Academy Awards with a kiss, and Katy Perry made a hit out of casual lesbianism. Toni Braxton, a married woman, recently made waves by kissing Trey Songz during the Soul Train Music Awards telecast.
What's the difference?
America isn't ready to see two men kiss.
A lesbian kiss is fine. An adulterous kiss is fine. But not two men kissing. Heavens no.

The issue is deeper. The entertainment world loves the gays. Where would fashion, music, movies, and any other form of entertainment be without gay men and women?
Of course, the media only loves the sexless gay person. Ellen and Rosie are not voluptuous gorgeous women who men would love. I don't think Pamela Anderson would have had a career if she were an out lesbian. People love the animated gay male character. He's witty, funny, stylish, but not a sexual being.
Lambert is unapologetic about his sexuality. He gyrates his hips and basks in the delight of man on man action. I'm sure many Idol fans aren't happy embracing that side of him. Could a grown man buy the new Adam Lambert album with its campy and glamorous cover art and still feel like a man? Could he sing along with the lyrics, many of which contains references about loving men and trips to the MAC counter?

I applaud Lambert for being brave. It may hurt his sales a bit but he's getting major press as well. Kris Allen is barely spoken of and he was the actual winner of Idol.
Shock value keeps people talking.
As for Lambert's music, it's actually good. His album is pretty solid and you can see his influences.
I said that his music is like Boy George, George Michael, David Bowie, Bon Jovi, and Queen having an orgy and producing a child. My friend added that Grace Jones would stop by and take pictures. Hopefully his music won't be completely overshadowed by the tabloid fodder. He seems to have some talent. Like him or not, he's got your attention. And that in itself is a feat in this overly saturated market of music today.

Adam Lambert
For Your Entertainment
[Video Premiere]

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