Saturday, November 7, 2009

Compose Yourself: Not Your Daddy's Dr. Ruth

Public hearing on
''The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Amendment Act of 2009''

Dr Ruth Jacobs of Rockville, MD testifies at public hearing on gay marriage. Her claim is that gay men, and specifically black men, have higher rates of HIV infection, and gay marriage will spread AIDS. She also claims that, after same-sex marriage is legalized, anal sex and gay marriage will be forced on school-aged children.

I am not going to go into much detail about my response. I'm sure you can imagine how irate I became after watching this.
She's not a resident of the district. It's clear that she has a lack of understanding of the true problems with HIV and the black community as well. She also is criminally generalizing the connections between HIV transmission and gay marriage, which would actually promote monogamy.
Dr. Jacobs failed to take into account heterosexual couples that engage in anal sex. Should we return to the days when sodomy was illegal in general? If so, that would incriminate many straight couples as well. Her logic is flawed. I have less of a problem with people who cite religious reasons for opposing gay marriage than I do with her.
She doesn't know the facts. She doesn't even know what the law that she is opposing entails.
I'm happy that David Catania put her in her place.

My favorite part:
"May I respond?"
"No, that's not a question."

Shut. Her. Down.

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TGR said...

She probably thought she was doing something when she wrote that speech... I don't even think she believes what she is saying. People like this are the reason the country cannot move forward and why the HIV epidemic can not become a mainstream discussion like cancer and other diseases.