Friday, November 13, 2009

Chris Brown - "Crawl" Video

Chris Brown
Crawl [Video Premiere]
Director: Joseph Kahn

It seems like Chris is pretty consistent these days and musically is sticking to what he does best- pop ballads and hyper dance tracks. This video is hardly subtle in its implications. Like Justin used a Britney look-alike in Cry Me a River, Chris has Cassie playing the role of a beautiful superstar he has to pine for from afar. I wonder who that's based on...hmm.
He also pulls a page from the Ciara Promise book by managing to sneak in some great dancing into a video for a slow track.
Anyway, I dig the song. If it weren't for Rihanna-gate, he would have another hit album on his hands. I guess we will see whether or not fans will be forgiving when Graffiti drops.

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blasianFMA said...

I said it on twitter and I'll say it here; I think that the dancing was so uneccesary for this video. It just seemed out of place to me -_-