Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bad Romance Video Premiere

Lagy Gaga
Bad Romance [Video Premiere]

Here is a small snippet of an interview in which Gaga gave some background for some concepts in the video.

I can't explain how much I love this video. With her record breaking number one singles, her high fashion trends, and mass appeal, Lady Gaga is shaping up to be much more than the flash-in-the-pan type of pop star that people pegged her as when she burst onto the scene. This chick is in it to stay.
Every video Gaga has released has been slick, imaginative, and very cinematic. Heavy on stunning imagery, they manage to tell stories while stick being glossy and hip. I love the bath house/sex traffic themes in the Bad Romance video.
Anyway, I'm glad that we have someone in music that isn't afraid to go the distance with shock value instead of relying on alter-egos and concept albums. Gaga doesn't do halfway.

"That tough female spirit is something that I want to project," -Lady Gaga


blasianFMA said...

Absolutely fagulous.

J.Swag said...

this is her best vid yet in my opinion (as a great MUSIC video)
Paparazzi was a good short film type vid but compared to fashion and the insane spontaneity of this Bad Romance right here......I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you 100%....finally...hehe