Sunday, October 4, 2009

Solo in the City: Solange does Honey & Oprah

Singer/songwriter Solange Knowles was interviewed by Honey Magazine and spoke about her music, the controversy over her new hair, her family, and her friendship with rapper Wale.
She spoke about her album and her future music:

It was definitely a concept record. I was really inspired by the ’60s and ’70s sound, mixed with electronic sounds and how to mash those together. With this record I am experimenting more with a really interesting mix of music. My describing it probably sounds crazy but I’m kind of working with tribal, Native American drums and mashing them with weird ’80s and blues.


Solange also stopped by the Oprah Show to talk about her hair and issues with black hair in general. The showed centered around Chris Rock's new film Good Hair.

Below is a funny moment filmed after the show. An audience member asked if Oprah would ever cut her hair off to make a statement. She provided a funny response.

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