Friday, October 16, 2009

Marriage Ban: "I Don't Mix the Races"

Excuse me if my screaming woke you up. I couldn't keep my composure.
In 2009 in the United States of America, this happens????
I guess we shouldn't be surpised by this considering there are still segregated proms.
As you read above, a Louisiana Justice of the Peace refused to marry an interracial couple. The groom is white and the bride is black.
Keith Bardwell, the justice in question, expressed concern that most relationships of such nature do not last and hurt the children in the long run. He says that he has black friends and he has married them. He doesn't feel that he is a racist but he doesn't believe in "mixing the races".
Also, according to the BBC piece, he denied mistreating anyone and simply stated that his worry was that if he performed one interracial marriage, he would have to do it for everyone.
Hmm. That argument sounds familiar.
I wonder what Mildred and Richard Loving would think of this...

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