Friday, September 25, 2009

Red Ribbons No More?

New studies show promising results for a new HIV/AIDS vaccine.

"What is exciting is that this has provided a proof of concept, that we can do this," Cate Hankins, chief scientific officer at UNAIDS, told Bloomberg News. "Anything is possible now, it feels. It is a scientific breakthrough," Hankins said by phone from London.

The results were described as "encouraging but not decisive."

The formula appears to be effective in 30 percent of the tested cases. It will not likely be considered for licensing or approval any time soon because to be approved for general medicine it would have to be at least 50-70 percent effective.

This is great that they are making strides in helping to curve the effects of HIV/AIDS across the world. What would happen if there were a vaccine and it proved to be effective and became accessible? Would that change the culture of sex? While it would be a good find, would it promote promiscuity without the risk of contracting the virus? Either way, if something like this could be perfected and mass produced, it would change the lives of so many people.


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