Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beyoncé: Acoustic for the Kids

Pop phenomenon Beyoncé stopped by a hospital in Singapore to visit and serenade patients as well as the staff.

As the youtuber who captured the videos reported:

She visited the kids in the cancer ward this afternoon before F1 in Singapore. (: It was really sweet of her. And the ward invited a few previous patients and a lot of current patients and their family to see her. She even signed a few autographs and went to talk to a few of the patients in the ward.

Radio [Acoustic LIVE]

Halo [Acoustic LIVE]

I always love to see pop stars perform acoustic sets of their songs. Lady Gaga does it a lot and the songs take on a new shape. I always feel like behind the beats and glossy presentations pop songs really are great songs. After all. there is a reason we listen to them over and over.
I wish Beyoncé would record and release a set of these.
Anyway, I see she is in full charitable mode. Good look.

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i love it