Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Au Naturale: Tyra On Larry King

Black hair has been in the forefront a lot lately. Chris Rock has a new film coming out discussing the concepts of good vs bad hair. Michelle Obama's hair as well as controversy surrounding the straightening, and lack thereof, of her daughter Malia's hair.

Tyra Banks made waves recently when she revealed her real hair to the world.
Banks appeared also on Larry King as well without any hair pieces or extensions. The media mogul and former model discussed everything from Oprah comparisons to body image issues surrounding those infamously unflattering bathing suit pics which prompted Banks to tell paparazzi to kiss her "fat ass".

During much of the interview, she talked about her hair and the issues everyday black women face with their hair.

Banks: Let's talk about my hair right now.

I know it's been a big mystery. And I was like it was an unsolved mystery, and I felt like I needed to solve this mystery.

Like I've worn weaves and wigs and pieces and clip-ons and clip-outs and clip-downs and around since I was 17, 18, and I wanted to show the real me...
But, I mean, hair for black women, we spend $9 billion a year on hair products -- black women do. So growing up as a young girl and seeing images in the media where they're saying that a certain type of hair is beautiful and yours isn't is very difficult for a black woman -- for black women and it's a -- it's a long, political thing that we can do a whole show about. But I felt it was my responsibility to show as much of my real hair as possible.

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Aron Ranen said...

Please take a moment to check out my documentary film BLACK HAIR

It is free at youtube. 6 parts including an update from London, England.

It explores the Korean Take-over of the Black Beauty Supply and Hair biz..

The current situation makes it hard to believe that Madame C.J. Walker once ran the whole thing.

I am not a hater, I am a motivator.

Plus I am a White guy who stumbled upon this, and felt it was so wrong I had to make a film about it.

self-funded film, made from the heart.

Can it be taken back?